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  • 5 things you NEED to do in Phuket, Thailand 

    Hi again guys this is me Kevin your favorite filmmaking tour guide! 

    Today we are gonna talk about the 5 things you just need to do or explore in Phuket here in Thailand! 


    First thing you really need to visit is the big Buddha. very easy to go here with a taxi or tuktuk, on the mountain they have built this statue of Buddha that you can see all the was from Chalong. its now the worlds biggest buddha statue in the world. when you go up here you just don’t see the statue itself but the amazing view that is up here. You can even hike your way down from the mountain or up if you didn’t go with the taxi option. Its roughly 1h hike at least. 

    Totally worth coming here to visit. 

    Wat Chalong Temples 

    Next thing you just need to visit is the Wat Chalong temples. I do have a video already were I visit this place and the viewpoint here in Phuket. i will link it up here or in the description.

    But the temples of Wat Chalong is very beautiful and they have this very nice part where you can take a walk and just get lost in the wonders of this place. You can go into the temples where you need to cover up your shoulders if you’re a woman. You can do fortune telling or just look around. They say if you feel that you’re living a good live already its not recommended to do fortune telling. In this area you can also get yourself some good food from the street food places around the parking area. I really recommend the chicken skewers with rice and then buy yourself a cup of coconut water. Will keep you energized for a long time!

    Boat Trip around the coast of phuket

    Moving away from the main land for a little while I would like to quickly mention the next thing which is going on a boat tour around Phuket’s coast. There are many options to do but I do recommend one that is called the La Moet. Owned by a Swedish woman called Lotta. I’m not sponsored in any way by this company is just really enjoyed their boat and want to support their hard work. Its a fantastic trip where you can either go for a normal day around the coast of Phuket or an afternoon trip which is more focused on seeing the most beautiful sunset here is. Which is one of my videos also I can link here. 

    You get plenty of food on the boat and bathing with option to do snorkeling on at least 2 stops. Phuket coast is absolutely fantastic to see from a boats perspective.

    Laem Promthep view point

    While talking already talking about the sunset and the place to go well I’m just saying that Laem Promthep is the place to go. You easily get a taxi to this place and explore by yourself. Find a really nice spot away from most people and enjoy the most beautiful sunset here in Phuket. I do recommend going a bit further down the hills with about 10-15 min hike and get a spot there. Come in good time before 18:30 when it’s the usual time in the winter for the sun to go down. Bring some food or snacks, sit down and relax. Let your mind flow and enjoy. Absolutely the best thing to do.

    Bangla Bar-street 

    Then my last tip is ofc going to be a recommendation for all you party people! Bangla bar-street here in Patong. in the day Patong is very nice but many people and a beautiful beach. But in the evening you get the chance to party for a long night with good prices at the Bangla street. Two of my favorites are backpackers and New York bar. Very different from each other but gives loads of value. In Backpackers which is a Scandinavian bar has Pool tables and multiple Beer Pong tables and super good buckets to drink. You will be warmly welcome here no Matter your nationality!

    Then in New York bar its just a really big place with loads of people AND the best thing about this place is actually the live music they have all night long! and a good mix of rock music to all the classic good hits you just want to sing along to! Plenty of tables to sit around and have a chat with your friends. I do recommend sitting further into the bar if you har gonna try and have conversations because it pretty loud in there! 

    This was my top 5 things you just need to do here in Phuket, but before you leave I would like to thank you for watching to the end of the video and I think this next video will be very interesting for you. Don’t forget to subscribe and like the video, it helps me out a lot! But yes until next week when I see you again, have a good day! Cya soon again 👋 

  • How My Life Changed In One Year: From Depression To Creator

    Hey, guys! In 2022, I’m still reflecting on what went down in 2021, as many of you might be too. What an amazing year 2021 was for me! I can honestly say it was one of the best years ever to happen to me and I hope you can say the same! 

    The above being said for me, the beginning of 2021 did not start off most optimally. As a creator, I really want to be open about this to my audience. Now, after making content on YouTube for an entire summer and currently into the first winter, I feel that I am a place where I can connect to you guys more and share these experiences. I can promise, they are all part of the process of becoming who you want to be.

    Coming into 2021, my mental health was not in the place where I wanted it to be after the winter months spent in Sweden. A combination of issues with my health, friends and life was really just bearing me down. In my room, I was spending a lot of my time contemplating what I wanted to do with my life and how to make things better.  After spending all this time by myself, I realised something needed to change. I needed to get off the hamster wheel of life-bearing me down and take the leap doing something I really wanted to do. I NEEDED to follow my passions!

    I have always been interested in photography and videography and I felt like it was only a matter of time before I started a YouTube Channel, as I had wanted to do this for MANY years. So, what was stopping me? The mind is truly amazing, but it can sometimes be your own worst enemy. Taking that initial step to start-up can be the hardest because you can be concerned about what everyone will think about you. Let me tell you this…Seeking the approval of others can hold you back from following the path of success. Conflict of listening to thoughts and following your dreams may ruin anybody eventually.

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

    Mark Twain

     I took the plunge. I started to go after what I wanted and made a YouTube channel. Consistently working, recording content, editing, and uploading, you can see my progress from the beginning to where I am now. When I watch my first video, I cringe to myself a little bit! Despite being sociable, I was so afraid to talk to the camera. Then after a couple months, I learned to actually find times where I fell in love with it.

    It was consistency that helped me to continuously develop. As I did, I became more confident in knowing what I needed to think about to succeed. What could I do to make people engage with my content? Vlogging is pretty popular, becoming a focused opportunity because two passions of mine are photography and travel. When I travelled to Cyprus for the Summer, the opportunities to make these videos happened; this turned my life around completely.

    In the beginning, I went back to that place of fear: What would people think? I was super nervous to tell anybody what I was doing with my YouTube channel in Cyprus when I was surrounded by many new faces. Thankfully, I met such fantastic people that supported me the whole way through. I could not be more grateful. Having people around you who support you and are positive about what you are doing helped solidify it all.  ‘Okay, this is actually something I am pretty good at, and I love doing it’. I continued to create whilst being in one of the best destinations I have visited, making so many memories along the way. Living in such a wonderful place where I worked while travelling made me develop into the person I am now. I am super grateful for this. 

    From then, my confidence in creating content just increased massively. Here I am after building this platform up, speaking to you through my own website in addition to my channel. As well as sharing blog content, I can share so much more of my Photography Portfolio with the world after building it up for months.

    Starting a YouTube and making a website was part of my goals for 2021. Using these platforms, I have achieved a lot of my creative goals for 2021. For example, I made my first 50 Euros through photography and videography. For me, this felt amazing! Achieving this showed that by following my favourite hobby, I could actually take my camera with me and have the chance to make an income from my passion. 

    Goal Setting in 2022 

    Photo by Bich Tran on

    The original list I made for my goals for 2021 was crazy, humungous and I was super happy that I got to tick off a lot of the goals I had planned to do. One tip that really helped me was you should break down goals into different pathways. I had three specific paths that I could choose to follow this year relating to an area of career interest in my life. I set an action plan for each of these paths, focusing on what I would need to do to achieve this. Outside of YouTube, I reached some other goals. For example, investment in stocks. However, others I did not achieve could be implemented into this year. For example, reading for 30 minutes per day. 

    Even if you aim to achieve the 50% of goals, that’s 50% worth of effort and progress made. With this mindset, I guarantee that over time you will have reached some great milestones!  In just under a year, I am almost at 200 subscribers on YouTube. Visualise a room with two-hundred people listening to and valuing what you are saying, and you could realise just how significant each milestone is. I am going into 2022 with this mindset to celebrate the milestones, the small achievements that make you realise all the effort and work is actually worth it. You can learn about the other milestones I achieved on my video Here. In this video, I talk about the steps I took to achieve my goals and turn my life around, through following my passions whilst travelling. Here’s my advice for you: remember, whatever you aim to do, consistency is the key. Keep posting, keep creating and keep celebrating those small milestones.

    “Consistency is not perfection. It’s simply refusing to give up”

    – Sean Cannell

    Plans for 2022 

    2021 completely turned my life around through setting goals and following my passions. Nobody knows how exactly 2022 will end up. But I do know I will continue to create awesome videos wherever I am in the world, whether at home in Sweden, in the UK, here in Thailand or elsewhere. In 2022 I really want to enhance my videography skills, building on everything I learnt in 2021.  I am super passionate about this. I hope to build up my clientele, gain some photography work and continue to develop my YouTube channel, where you can follow my whole journey. I have plans to produce content that I really hope will help communicate and connect with you as an audience and build up this community together over the coming year.

    With that being said, let me know about your 2021! What did you improve or not improve? What are you excited about for 2022 and the future? Tell me below in the comments; I am super excited to answer all of your questions! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog and for watching my videos over on YouTube. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can find all my Travel, Filmmaking & Lifestyle content on:

  • 5 Tips: How To Save Money While Traveling

    Hi There! I haven’t seen anyone writing about these tips before… Sooo I’m gonna tell you now. We all know that when we are traveling we might spend just a bit too much right?
    Even for me who lives abroad for a long time this might happen. So how do you save more money then?
    That’s what I will tell you today, my 5 secrets to saving more money while traveling.

    1. The 7-Day Rule

    My first tip is actually, the seven-day rule as it’s called and what it means is really that you don’t spend any money on something directly when you see it, you wait around seven days.

    I know that many of you maybe don’t do traveling for more than seven days or ten days, so maybe wait for at least three to five days before you decide to “okay I want to buy this thing”.

    Otherwise, you will just spend money and regret it later… So my tip for you is to use the seven-day rule! It has worked for me for a long time actually, it’s been two years since I found out about this which has helped me tremendously to save more money because I don’t spend it on things that I don’t need.

    This is a really good tip for anyone really, that wants to save money and a good thing to always have in mind.

    2. Hire a Car

    Photo by Tobi on

    The next time you travel I suggest that instead of spending A LOT of money on a tour with a big charter company, you should go and rent a car. This is much cheaper than going on a trip that is already planned and having pickups and everything with guides.

    Those are more expensive than just hiring a car and go there by yourself. Because the cost of guide, transfer, lunch is all in the price plus profit. Don’t take me the wrong way, I do love going on guided tours myself. which is NOT because I’m a tour guide, but because it’s very relaxing and you don’t have to plan anything ahead. So if you do enjoy going with a guided tour. DO IT! Because it’s usually on a fantastic experience to do.

    My tip here is that if you actually hire a car and then plan ahead which different places to go. Find a good deal especially those with several day discount which is the best ones! You can also while having a car, try to find a free walking tour, these usually have a guide that is free and you can just go with the flow with them and enjoy all the things that you would otherwise also. But you have other people there and also a guide which was for free because you planned ahead. If you want to know what to do in Ayia Napa, Cyprus read my post about it Here to plan your trip!

    Might gone a bit off topic also but hey, I just love these small tips that you can use to save some extra money because, it’s expensive to live abroad sometimes.

    3. The Nice View Trap!

    Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

    another tip I want to tell you about is, “don’t fall for the nice view trap” as I call it. That’s basically if you go to a harbor for example and the harbor or anything really. That is so nice, with views like never before!

    Don’t go and eat on the restaurants by the harbor for example, because you will pay an extra price just for that nice view. This is why I call it the nice view trap. They usually up their prices by 20-30% just because you have this really nice view you’re looking at.

    But if you go to a local restaurant instead in your city. You’re most likely to fall down in prices instead! Maybe you will even get a better experience by the food, just because it’s so local and they just give so much love to the food they make. Much more than some of the “nice view restaurants” where they always had customers anyway.

    Though sometimes you actually just need to try and eat with a really nice view of course! i’m not that kind of person that don’t want that at all haha… I enjoy having a nice view sometimes but if you’re going out 20 times, please go and try a local restaurant.

    4. Cooking at home

    Photo by August de Richelieu on

    This next tip is actually that you can cook food at home instead and don’t always have to go eating out. Cook your own food instead, this will save you those 15€ you would otherwise lose… But when buying food from the grocery store instead, the cost might be the same, but lasts for 3 days!

    ” But, oh no, i don’t have the right equipment… or, oh what am i gonna do?”

    My bonus tip is then actually that when you book your apartment, book for example an apartment with kitchen, this makes it so much easier. So for example i’m using TripAdvisor you can check it out. Because there you can book an apartment, for example with good kitchen. It’s very easy, you just find out your destination you want to go and then book an apartment.

    I very much recommend this, because you will spend so much more money if you go to a restaurant for like three days worth of food when you could have gone to the supermarket and then come home to cook it. This will make you feel that really nice satisfaction of achievement from cooking your own food.

    It always tastes so good to cook your own food! I love cooking so that’s probably just me being “mental” but Hey! that’s how I feel and I think many people will feel the same. Oh I almost forgot. If you do feel that its hard to figure out something to cook then buy a cook book. I know this sounds weird but try it! I can link a good one here with loads of options!

    5. Watch this Video!

    I do many things as a Tour Guide. With that said I do know one or two tips about how to actually save money when you’re traveling. So in this video I do talk about a few of these tips. But I go more in depth and also its 7 Tips, Plus a bonus one! which you could learn a few extra tips from if that is what you need.

    With that said, I thank you for your time! Please tell me what your favorite tip has been so far? Maybe There is something you want to add. Tell me in the comments below.
    have a great rest of Your day.

    Here is Some of my latest posts if you can’t get enough!

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  • The 5 Best Tips: How to Make Every Day Better

    You might feel as I do sometimes, that the day started bad and now the rest of the day is going downwards…? BUT there is hope! 
    I always use these in my daily routine that is sure to help you also.
    These are 5 things to ensure I always make the best of my day.

    Let us dive right into it!

    1. Make Your Bed.

    You hear the alarm go off, beep beep beep… It’s time to rise and shine. 
    so the first thing you do now is making your bed and I will tell you the reason.

    Why? Because after the first task is done you are more likely to make more and even harder tasks that might come this day and also,

    “If, by chance, you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that’s made. That you made. And a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.” -William H. McRaven.

    Pro tip: Make it actually look good and pleasing, don’t just throw your blanket over the pillows and call it a day. I put up an example above for some inspiration!

    2. Give Some Compliments!

    Photo by William Fortunato on

    let’s do a challenge. You will Compliment 2 different people every day for at least one week, just to get a feel for it. I’m very certain you will start doing this automatically after this first week because it feels so good, by then it will be easy to do every day you can!

    Why? you may ask. well, because when you do this and don’t expect something in return you just get a good feeling in your body! Also, the person will appreciate this so much that you notice something about them. this does not have to be complicated, just like: “Oh nice shoes, where did you get those?” Or “you did really well with that project we did today!”

    I do this daily and have been doing it since the start of the year and feels so good. even started doing small things to be nice: open the door for someone, maybe paying for their coffee at the coffee shop.

    3. Don’t Watch Social Media!

    Photo by mikoto.raw Photographer on

    this can sound alarming but hear me out.
    Don’t watch social media the first thing you do in the morning!

    Do you ever get the feeling of “Not good enough” after watching social media? I can feel most affected in the morning, which can result in my daily mood.

    That’s why this tip is important.
    I think you should wait at least one hour before watching social media in the morning. This might be hard but trust me if I can do it, so can you!

    Because The first hour affects us the most without even knowing, it’s unconscious. These first hours our mind is on a so-called “reset”. 
    this means if you see something that makes you react badly or feel bad, there is a big chance that the rest of your day’s mood will be affected negatively and could ruin a day.
    Example: Comparing yourself to others. this is something we all do, id like to know… how that affects you?

    4. Good Outfit.

    Dressing well can affect you more than you think. So here is something to think about doing! 
    If you don’t have time in the morning to choose a good outfit I recommend planning this the night before.

    This can be more important than you know because if you dress well or choose clothes that you think you look good in will make a big difference. The feeling of confidence will improve, resulting in you feeling much betterin general and happier.

    Especially nowadays when people are working from home, I’ve been talking to a lot of people and many of them agree that both happiness and productivity increases if they dress well or at least put on something they feel good in.

    Bonus Tip: If you do this one it’s easier with the compliment part I wrote about earlier. You will most likely be more kind to people also.

    “When you feel your best, you also spread that kind of good energy around you!” -Kevin.

    5. Do Something You’re Passionate About.

    I recommend you to do something every day that you’re passionate about. 
    If something can bring up your mood for the day it is this! It can be anything from working out, go out doing photography, doing your hobby, or start building a business. 
    doing this every day will bring you closer to your dreams and goals, making anyone happier!

    Even if you struggle with what others think, it’s your PASSION, your LIFE, make the best of it. just work one step at a time and you will come a long way!

    I myself have done this many times, trying new things to find what I like. Now I know what I want to do. that’s why I’m writing this to help others in so many ways to feel better or come out of their comfort zone.

    “Go start that brand, that business or pursue your dream, whatever it is. Even a small hobby can turn into something so amazing.” -Kevin Hilding.

    I’d love to hear from you: 
    Which tips are you going to try first?

    Best Regards, 

  • 5 Things You NEED to Do in Ayia Napa

    After an unforgettable experience living and working for an entire summer in Ayia Napa, I have been able to explore some incredible things that this beautiful part of Cyprus has to offer. If you are thinking about visiting or even relocating yourself, this post highlights five of my top things you have to do or see while in Ayia Napa.

    1. Visit The Blue Lagoon

    The first place on my list is the Blue Lagoon. Here you will find amazing crystal clear waters, sea caves, and plenty of opportunities to snorkel and explore within the water. The best way to get to the Blue Lagoon, which I would personally recommend, is by taking a boat trip. I recommend taking a Catamaran tour through the company Interyachting, where you can get a range of amazing features such as lunch or dinner included onboard, a free bar and swim stops throughout the day. You can also come and attend an evening catamaran tour, where you will get to see the most amazing sunset over the ocean and if you are a couple have a chance to get some romantic photographs taken. The Blue Lagoon is an extremely beautiful spot and definitely not to be missed out on if you are coming to see Ayia Napa.

    Photo by Kevin Hilding

    This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting so I can continue to provide you free content each week! You guys are amazing!

    2. Walk around Ayia Napa Harbour

    While on the topic of boats and picturesque sunsets, you definitely should come and visit Ayia Napa Harbour if you are staying within this area. While you are here you can come and relax by the amazing views of the harbour and take a look at some of the variety of boats and yachts here. You can also book directly for boat excursions by the harbour such as the yellow submarine and The Black Pearl pirate ship. If you are looking for a relaxing lunch or dinner, you take a try at some of the best fish restaurants Cyprus has to offer if you enjoy seafood here by the harbour. Or if seafood is not your thing, you will also find a range of restaurants and bars around here which offer different cuisines such as Greek food, pub lunches and even coffee shops. There is definitely something for everybody and the short distance from the centre of Ayia Napa makes the harbour a perfect spot to visit during your vacation.

    Photo by Kevin Hilding

    3. Relax at Nissi Beach

    Ayia Napa has a range of beaches, but none of them beat Nissi Beach in my opinion. This amazing sandy beach is super popular with everybody regardless if you are here on holiday for partying or with your friends. One part of the beach is more relaxed and quiet, whilst the other part is perfect for partying with live music and bars nearby. You can find lots of sunbeds here for bathing and in most places, the water is not too deep. This is perfect if you like to take a stroll into the water or you are not a super strong swimmer. Nissi Beach also has some chances for water sports such as paragliding I recommend checking out these hotels for a good stay close to Nissi Beach.

    Photo by Kevin Hilding

    4. Experience Nightlife at Bar Street

    A short walk away from Nissi Avenue, Bar Street is the perfect place famous for partying. In the day the Bar Street is quiet and empty, but then at night, something magical happens. The whole Bar Street comes to life, the music starts playing and the street is lit up, people come for drinks and food and get to experience amazing bars and clubs. Whether you are after drinking a lot or just a little, you can find the perfect bar or club for your music taste and mood. Some of the most popular are Ambassaden, Senior Frogs and Pirates Inn. When you are finished partying for the night, there are some great takeaway restaurants around Bar Street also. One I can recommend is called Rios, where they serve the most amazing chicken. It is Ayia Napas’ answer for Nandos, with a range of spices and options you can have to satisfy your hunger. For an even better experience check out the hotels nearby

    Photo by Kevin Hilding

    5. Have Fun at Luna Park

    Close to Ayia Napa Harbour and Nissi Avenue, you will find Luna Park. This amusement park has a range of rides for both kids and adults. Maybe you like adrenaline-filled rides like the Slingshot, where you are propelled into the air, rollercoasters, ghost trains or even a carousel, Luna Park has a range of rides for everybody. You can also go to try some good food at the kiosks such as candyfloss, popcorn, doughnuts and fresh corn or take a walk around this nice, compact park and see if you can win some prizes at the stalls. I recommend going in the evening to get the best atmosphere for the park.

    Photo by Kevin Hilding

    What is your favorite?

    Tell me in the comments what your favorite place was that you just have to visit one day? or even have been there and can tell about your experience.