5 things you NEED to do in Phuket, Thailand 

Hi again guys this is me Kevin your favorite filmmaking tour guide! 

Today we are gonna talk about the 5 things you just need to do or explore in Phuket here in Thailand! 


First thing you really need to visit is the big Buddha. very easy to go here with a taxi or tuktuk, on the mountain they have built this statue of Buddha that you can see all the was from Chalong. its now the worlds biggest buddha statue in the world. when you go up here you just don’t see the statue itself but the amazing view that is up here. You can even hike your way down from the mountain or up if you didn’t go with the taxi option. Its roughly 1h hike at least. 

Totally worth coming here to visit. 

Wat Chalong Temples 

Next thing you just need to visit is the Wat Chalong temples. I do have a video already were I visit this place and the viewpoint here in Phuket. i will link it up here or in the description.

But the temples of Wat Chalong is very beautiful and they have this very nice part where you can take a walk and just get lost in the wonders of this place. You can go into the temples where you need to cover up your shoulders if you’re a woman. You can do fortune telling or just look around. They say if you feel that you’re living a good live already its not recommended to do fortune telling. In this area you can also get yourself some good food from the street food places around the parking area. I really recommend the chicken skewers with rice and then buy yourself a cup of coconut water. Will keep you energized for a long time!

Boat Trip around the coast of phuket

Moving away from the main land for a little while I would like to quickly mention the next thing which is going on a boat tour around Phuket’s coast. There are many options to do but I do recommend one that is called the La Moet. Owned by a Swedish woman called Lotta. I’m not sponsored in any way by this company is just really enjoyed their boat and want to support their hard work. Its a fantastic trip where you can either go for a normal day around the coast of Phuket or an afternoon trip which is more focused on seeing the most beautiful sunset here is. Which is one of my videos also I can link here. 

You get plenty of food on the boat and bathing with option to do snorkeling on at least 2 stops. Phuket coast is absolutely fantastic to see from a boats perspective.

Laem Promthep view point

While talking already talking about the sunset and the place to go well I’m just saying that Laem Promthep is the place to go. You easily get a taxi to this place and explore by yourself. Find a really nice spot away from most people and enjoy the most beautiful sunset here in Phuket. I do recommend going a bit further down the hills with about 10-15 min hike and get a spot there. Come in good time before 18:30 when it’s the usual time in the winter for the sun to go down. Bring some food or snacks, sit down and relax. Let your mind flow and enjoy. Absolutely the best thing to do.

Bangla Bar-street 

Then my last tip is ofc going to be a recommendation for all you party people! Bangla bar-street here in Patong. in the day Patong is very nice but many people and a beautiful beach. But in the evening you get the chance to party for a long night with good prices at the Bangla street. Two of my favorites are backpackers and New York bar. Very different from each other but gives loads of value. In Backpackers which is a Scandinavian bar has Pool tables and multiple Beer Pong tables and super good buckets to drink. You will be warmly welcome here no Matter your nationality!

Then in New York bar its just a really big place with loads of people AND the best thing about this place is actually the live music they have all night long! and a good mix of rock music to all the classic good hits you just want to sing along to! Plenty of tables to sit around and have a chat with your friends. I do recommend sitting further into the bar if you har gonna try and have conversations because it pretty loud in there! 

This was my top 5 things you just need to do here in Phuket, but before you leave I would like to thank you for watching to the end of the video and I think this next video will be very interesting for you. Don’t forget to subscribe and like the video, it helps me out a lot! But yes until next week when I see you again, have a good day! Cya soon again 👋 

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