The 5 Best Tips: How to Make Every Day Better

You might feel as I do sometimes, that the day started bad and now the rest of the day is going downwards…? BUT there is hope! 
I always use these in my daily routine that is sure to help you also.
These are 5 things to ensure I always make the best of my day.

Let us dive right into it!

1. Make Your Bed.

You hear the alarm go off, beep beep beep… It’s time to rise and shine. 
so the first thing you do now is making your bed and I will tell you the reason.

Why? Because after the first task is done you are more likely to make more and even harder tasks that might come this day and also,

“If, by chance, you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that’s made. That you made. And a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.” -William H. McRaven.

Pro tip: Make it actually look good and pleasing, don’t just throw your blanket over the pillows and call it a day. I put up an example above for some inspiration!

2. Give Some Compliments!

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let’s do a challenge. You will Compliment 2 different people every day for at least one week, just to get a feel for it. I’m very certain you will start doing this automatically after this first week because it feels so good, by then it will be easy to do every day you can!

Why? you may ask. well, because when you do this and don’t expect something in return you just get a good feeling in your body! Also, the person will appreciate this so much that you notice something about them. this does not have to be complicated, just like: “Oh nice shoes, where did you get those?” Or “you did really well with that project we did today!”

I do this daily and have been doing it since the start of the year and feels so good. even started doing small things to be nice: open the door for someone, maybe paying for their coffee at the coffee shop.

3. Don’t Watch Social Media!

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this can sound alarming but hear me out.
Don’t watch social media the first thing you do in the morning!

Do you ever get the feeling of “Not good enough” after watching social media? I can feel most affected in the morning, which can result in my daily mood.

That’s why this tip is important.
I think you should wait at least one hour before watching social media in the morning. This might be hard but trust me if I can do it, so can you!

Because The first hour affects us the most without even knowing, it’s unconscious. These first hours our mind is on a so-called “reset”. 
this means if you see something that makes you react badly or feel bad, there is a big chance that the rest of your day’s mood will be affected negatively and could ruin a day.
Example: Comparing yourself to others. this is something we all do, id like to know… how that affects you?

4. Good Outfit.

Dressing well can affect you more than you think. So here is something to think about doing! 
If you don’t have time in the morning to choose a good outfit I recommend planning this the night before.

This can be more important than you know because if you dress well or choose clothes that you think you look good in will make a big difference. The feeling of confidence will improve, resulting in you feeling much betterin general and happier.

Especially nowadays when people are working from home, I’ve been talking to a lot of people and many of them agree that both happiness and productivity increases if they dress well or at least put on something they feel good in.

Bonus Tip: If you do this one it’s easier with the compliment part I wrote about earlier. You will most likely be more kind to people also.

“When you feel your best, you also spread that kind of good energy around you!” -Kevin.

5. Do Something You’re Passionate About.

I recommend you to do something every day that you’re passionate about. 
If something can bring up your mood for the day it is this! It can be anything from working out, go out doing photography, doing your hobby, or start building a business. 
doing this every day will bring you closer to your dreams and goals, making anyone happier!

Even if you struggle with what others think, it’s your PASSION, your LIFE, make the best of it. just work one step at a time and you will come a long way!

I myself have done this many times, trying new things to find what I like. Now I know what I want to do. that’s why I’m writing this to help others in so many ways to feel better or come out of their comfort zone.

“Go start that brand, that business or pursue your dream, whatever it is. Even a small hobby can turn into something so amazing.” -Kevin Hilding.

I’d love to hear from you: 
Which tips are you going to try first?

Best Regards, 

4 responses to “The 5 Best Tips: How to Make Every Day Better”

  1. Hej Kevin!Helt rätt, man mår bäst av att ha rutiner!Skickat från min Galaxy

  2. Hej! ja det är väldigt viktigt för välmåendet!

  3. I love these tips and the layout of your text! The quotes are amazing. 🙌

  4. Thank you so much, took a while to figure out at first haha! I’m a bit of a quite addict if I’m honest 🙏

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