5 Things You NEED to Do in Ayia Napa

After an unforgettable experience living and working for an entire summer in Ayia Napa, I have been able to explore some incredible things that this beautiful part of Cyprus has to offer. If you are thinking about visiting or even relocating yourself, this post highlights five of my top things you have to do or see while in Ayia Napa.

  1. Visit The Blue Lagoon

The first place on my list is the Blue Lagoon. Here you will find amazing crystal clear waters, sea caves, and plenty of opportunities to snorkel and explore within the water. The best way to get to the Blue Lagoon, which I would personally recommend, is by taking a boat trip. I recommend taking a Catamaran tour through the company Interyachting, where you can get a range of amazing features such as lunch or dinner included onboard, a free bar and swim stops throughout the day. You can also come and attend an evening catamaran tour, where you will get to see the most amazing sunset over the ocean and if you are a couple have a chance to get some romantic photographs taken. The Blue Lagoon is an extremely beautiful spot and definitely not to be missed out on if you are coming to see Ayia Napa.

Photo by Kevin Hilding

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2. Walk around Ayia Napa Harbour

While on the topic of boats and picturesque sunsets, you definitely should come and visit Ayia Napa Harbour if you are staying within this area. While you are here you can come and relax by the amazing views of the harbour and take a look at some of the variety of boats and yachts here. You can also book directly for boat excursions by the harbour such as the yellow submarine and The Black Pearl pirate ship. If you are looking for a relaxing lunch or dinner, you take a try at some of the best fish restaurants Cyprus has to offer if you enjoy seafood here by the harbour. Or if seafood is not your thing, you will also find a range of restaurants and bars around here which offer different cuisines such as Greek food, pub lunches and even coffee shops. There is definitely something for everybody and the short distance from the centre of Ayia Napa makes the harbour a perfect spot to visit during your vacation.

Photo by Kevin Hilding

3. Relax at Nissi Beach

Ayia Napa has a range of beaches, but none of them beat Nissi Beach in my opinion. This amazing sandy beach is super popular with everybody regardless if you are here on holiday for partying or with your friends. One part of the beach is more relaxed and quiet, whilst the other part is perfect for partying with live music and bars nearby. You can find lots of sunbeds here for bathing and in most places, the water is not too deep. This is perfect if you like to take a stroll into the water or you are not a super strong swimmer. Nissi Beach also has some chances for water sports such as paragliding I recommend checking out these hotels for a good stay close to Nissi Beach.

Photo by Kevin Hilding

4. Experience Nightlife at Bar Street

A short walk away from Nissi Avenue, Bar Street is the perfect place famous for partying. In the day the Bar Street is quiet and empty, but then at night, something magical happens. The whole Bar Street comes to life, the music starts playing and the street is lit up, people come for drinks and food and get to experience amazing bars and clubs. Whether you are after drinking a lot or just a little, you can find the perfect bar or club for your music taste and mood. Some of the most popular are Ambassaden, Senior Frogs and Pirates Inn. When you are finished partying for the night, there are some great takeaway restaurants around Bar Street also. One I can recommend is called Rios, where they serve the most amazing chicken. It is Ayia Napas’ answer for Nandos, with a range of spices and options you can have to satisfy your hunger. For an even better experience check out the hotels nearby

Photo by Kevin Hilding

5. Have Fun at Luna Park

Close to Ayia Napa Harbour and Nissi Avenue, you will find Luna Park. This amusement park has a range of rides for both kids and adults. Maybe you like adrenaline-filled rides like the Slingshot, where you are propelled into the air, rollercoasters, ghost trains or even a carousel, Luna Park has a range of rides for everybody. You can also go to try some good food at the kiosks such as candyfloss, popcorn, doughnuts and fresh corn or take a walk around this nice, compact park and see if you can win some prizes at the stalls. I recommend going in the evening to get the best atmosphere for the park.

Photo by Kevin Hilding

What is your favorite?

Tell me in the comments what your favorite place was that you just have to visit one day? or even have been there and can tell about your experience.

6 responses to “5 Things You NEED to Do in Ayia Napa”

  1. Cyprus sounds amazing. Will you be returning or going to another destination next summer? Have you visited over the border yet?

  2. I like Nissi beach and also like Bar Street!

  3. I will hopefully return in the spring 2022. Then in the summer I’m actually traveling back to Crete again for the second time.

    I never did cross the border but definitely sometime I will.

  4. yes, they are both very unique in their own special way!

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